“This presentation helped me primarily by providing concrete strategies for family engagement that I can try, like BFF visits and trainings. It also included numerous hands-on formative activities to ensure audience understanding and participation, which I appreciated. By starting with what family engagement is not, it helped me understand what is needed instead. And the theoretical backing was strong enough to validate the method, while presented in a way that was totally understandable for a lay audience.”

“I certainly credit Deborah M. Vereen for all her strength and love of all of our children in for so very many years!!! She has always been poised with a passion for finding resolutions with compassion and justice for the betterment of all our children. THANK YOU Dr. Deborah M. Vereen for paving the way for women everywhere!!!! We thank you and love you for making such a great difference of positive change in all of our children’s lives and our lives as well!”